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I’ve been reluctant to engage a search firm given we are a boutique and it’s a major expense. Yet, I have known for a while that we needed to expand our talent network in order to fill some senior growth roles. I was impressed with your responsiveness, focus, and how quickly we completed the search. Most important of all, the quality of the candidate pool you presented was outstanding!

Matt Brubaker, CEO FMG Leading - Chief Growth Officer

"impressed with your responsiveness"

Raj followed thru on his commitments and delivered the desired results. One of the added benefits of working with Raj that was in alignment with our corporate values is that a percentage of the fee goes to help fund efforts to impact the local community in Paterson, NJ. Our search with Raj and his firm was the ultimate win/win!

Sharon Emek, CEO WAHVE - Chief Enterprise Officer

"The Ultimate Win/Win!"

Raj has been a valued partner in helping us grow over the past few years. He has helped us recruit partners Globally with great success. I would clearly recommend Raj and his firm.

Larry Hartmann, CEO ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"Raj has been a valued partner"

There is no doubt as to why Raj came so highly recommended. His professionalism, attention to detail and laser like focus helped us to achieve our desired outcomes. Raj is a great partner to work with and I highly recommend his work.

Gonzalo Marin, CEO Suan Pharma - VP of Sales

"a great partner to work with"

The beauty is Raj is able to recruit top talent as effectively, if not more effectively than a for profit recruiting firm and yet charges substantially less. Raj has successfully placed many key employees into major roles for my organization and I highly recommend him and his firm to others.

Steve Holland, President MyCaseBuilder - Engineering Manager

"I highly recommend him"

Raj is a great listener, very personable and hard working. He genuinely cares about the work he does and the clients and candidates he's working with.

Josh Kurz, President AK Stamping - Defense Program and Quality Assurance Manager

"personable and hard working"

Raj is an expert in finding the needle in the haystack and I would highly recommend his work. His firm’s profits help funds the operating expenses of a not for profit that works with the under resourced and disadvantaged families living in Paterson NJ. Katalyst Impact Group is a top rate recruiting agency and Raj is truly making a difference!

David Goodman, Managing Director Lawrence B. Goodman & Company - Audit Senior

"top rate recruiting agency"


Raj was excellent in working with me as the recruiter for my current position. He provided me with the appropriate information during each step of the process. I would highly recommend Raj to help in finding a role that is the right fit for your career goals.

Howard Portugal, WAHVE - Chief Enterprise Officer

"The Right Fit For Your Career Goals"

Raj helped me with my placement with a leading Nutraceutical Distributor. He proved persistent and helpful in achieving the goal. I highly recommend his work at Katalyst Impact Group.

Nicole Williams, Suan Farma - Director of Business Development

"Proved Persistent And Helpful"

Raj invested time early on to build a meaningful relationship with me as an individual and executive, which ultimately helped us navigate several market opportunities more effectively. By taking this thoughtful relationship building approach, he was successful at helping me transition into an exciting high impact executive role with my current firm where there is an absolute fit on values, culture, clients and our amazing team.

Will Busch, FMG Leading - Chief Growth Officer

"I highly recommend Raj"

I have had the pleasure of being both a candidate and a client with Raj. He has incredible professionalism and has a very good grip on the market. I see him as a trusted partner and a “go to person” whenever I need advice.

Manny Corsino, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"trusted partner and a go to person"

Raj Gupta is a first-rate connector and complete professional. He is engaged, responsive, and discreet. He understands how important confidentiality and pace are to the process. Most important he is candid and forthcoming and plays no games. He is all action and a man of his word.

Jamie Crittenberger, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"engaged, responsive, and discreet"

Raj stands out among recruiters of recruiters. He has the relationships, moves quickly and discreetly, and really works with the candidate and recruiting firm client to understand the situation and value proposition. Raj works towards a win-win for all.

Lan Ngyen, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"moves quickly and discreetly"

Having been with my prior firm for eighteen years, I fielded many recruiter calls about other opportunities.  It wasn’t until I heard from Raj that I was intrigued enough to seriously consider a move. Raj’s authentic, non-salesy approach immediately put me at ease and helped me quickly see the real upside to his opportunity.  He is an exceptional communicator and helped me navigate the transition to my new company with ease. 

Tim Ward, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"authentic, non-sales approach"

Raj was fantastic to work with.  He was timely, committed and focused.  He did what he said he would do and make sure things kept moving.  I appreciate his candor and honesty and would work with him again, as well as recommend him to others.

David Dell'Aquila, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"timely, committed and focused"

Raj is the consummate professional in our industry. His IQ, EQ, CQ (cultural intelligence) and DQ (decency quotient) is just as impressive too. I highly recommend Raj.

Vikash Salig, ZRG Partners - Managing Director

"the consummate professional"